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Plant and Animal Proteins : The Complete Picture

Protein deficiency, bioavailability and roles of amino acids

Join us December 1st @ 6pm PST

We don’t often think that a lack of protein could be at the root or a major contributing factor to our clients and patients’ symptoms and ailments, yet it is often the underlying cause of several conditions. By solely looking at the research, we can get lost in a myriad of different results, as many older (and less well designed studies) paint a picture suggesting that most people are getting enough protein, while other older studies may even suggest that the average person is getting too much protein. 


Over the past few years there has been a movement to include more protein in the diet, and many recent studies have confirmed that the hypothesis that the standard .8g/kg of body weight is insufficient to maintain health, especially when we begin to take different populations into account, such as the elderly, the ill, and those following restrictive diets or diets where animal protein is removed. 


We cover : 

  • The uses of protein

  • Lesser known signs of protein deficiency (clinical manifestations)

  • Scoring protein & understanding bioavailability

  • Protein requirements based on type of protein consumed

  • Debunking common protein myths

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