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Environmental Chemical Exposure
and Metabolism :

Considerations for Weight Loss

"It's just a little bit of exposure"

The common narrative is that everyday chemicals found in beauty products, household furniture and everything else in between is that these chemicals are considered "generally safe in small amounts". But, the average human carries between 200 and 700 different manmade chemical compounds in their tissue, many of whom are simply getting "a little bit of exposure" through daily product use.


The compounded effects of such chemical exposure can be vast, ranging from changes to metabolism to the development of various cancers. In this webinar, we will focus in on the effects of environmental toxins and their effects on weight and metabolism.


We cover : 

  • What environmental toxins are, and where they are found

  • Obesogen chemicals

  • The interaction between endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) and fat cells

  • The energy balance pathways of EDCs

  • Why a high toxic load = weight gain

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May 31st 6pm PDT