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Our Top Tips for Creating a Successful and Authentic Nutrition Business

Updated: Jan 4

Success is a relative term- it’s subjective as we all have own definitions of what success means to us. We can create traditionally successful businesses that are profitable by going through the motions, putting in the hard work and following formulas. But to us, success in business means profitable businesses that feel good- work that feels fun, in flow- work that is highly impactful with minimal effort and maximum results. Work that doesn’t burn us out, that allows us to live healthy lifestyles… and we think we figured out the secret- authenticity. These are the principles we used to create Fiore along with own personal businesses!

1. Allow your personally to shine

Being professional is good principle to adhere to, but the paradigm on what this means is shifting. We can be professional and authentic- these are not mutually exclusive.

Trying to fit into an algorithm, be on trend or rigidly follow a business formula can work- but, from our experience, a more profound tool is to be yourself. To let your personality shine through, to let people see you.

Share your message in a way that shows who you are as a person. We promise you will attract more aligned clients; your business will feel better and there will be an element of ease and flow that is not obtainable when you’re putting yourself into the box of how you think your clients want to see you.

The reality is there are TONS of nutritionists and TONS that have the same niche as you- and there is going to be a TON more…. and, the best part: there is no such thing as a saturated market when you show up as you- not as every other nutritionist.

2. Create Relationships On and Off Social Media

Social media and online platforms are a great way to connect with clients and create a network of like-minded health professionals. But, isolating networking and client acquisition to the online sphere causes us to miss out on a whole other world.

Getting involved in our tangible worlds, in our physical communities can make all the difference in the success of your business and work/life satisfaction.

Contact your local chiropractor, physiotherapist, ND- even MD, head to the local gym, even your community centre and introduce yourself. Do a talk. Create a bi-directional, mutually beneficial relationship that ultimately serves your clients and community. You might just be surprised and how fast and organically things begin to unfold!

3. Think of the potential in each piece of content you create

Creating content can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. It can be easy to create on auto pilot, take the path of least resistance and hop on trends to save time. It’s also easy to get discouraged with low engagement, which makes it harder to get into creation mode.

I offer a different perspective on this. Content lives for a long time. Something you create now, be it an Instagram post, blog, video, webinar, course, presentation and everything in-inbetween can impact someone days, weeks, months or even years down the line.

Each piece of content is an avenue that can lead to client acquisition or passive sales. Be patient. Be intentional. Speak from your heart and from what is alive for you in this moment.

A blog you write today, might be the point of contact for 100’s of people down the line. Create with intention, a long-term mindset and because you have something valuable to say. Avoid falling into the cooking cutter mode of creation, and definitely avoid forced creation because you feel you 'should'. People can feel this. Instead find the inspiration and create from there! One beautifully crafted piece of content is better than 10 pieces of content with no soul.

4. Engage in continuing education

In our opinion, the importance of using CE to create authentic and impactful businesses cannot be overstated. The reason CE is so powerful is because we are continually widening the lens through which we see the world, health, ourselves and others. It can also spark new areas of interest, offer us a-ha moments, and it can direct us on our path and point us in different trajectories.

CE is a great way to reignite excitement, motivation and inspiration. It is a great tool for networking and of course, it makes us better practitioners. It can also help determine or confirm what direction we want to take our practices. Overall, we think CE is 10/10.

CE doesn’t have to be seminars or courses - although, we super recommend taking ours ;). It can be reading blogs, YouTube videos, listening to podcasts, reading books or attending conferences.

5. Spend time on your business before other professional obligations

Whether you are established or in the early stages of building your nutrition business, it is likely that you are playing many roles and have other jobs/professional obligations. I personally will always take freelance jobs or contracts because they bring me joy, keep me up to date in the world of health and I genuinely love behind the scene projects- and, I come first.

How many of us (definitely me), have been in this scenario..... You have a plethora of ideas for your business, and you vow to yourself to work on your business after you finish work. But your work day ends, and the projects end up on the back burner because you've hit a wall for the day? Even if it’s only 10 minutes in the morning before you go to work, or start on a contract (work for someone else), focusing first on your projects will enhance your business because the momentum is strong and you are you using your best creative fire for you!

6. Have monthly check ins with yourself

Business meetings are necessary, even if you’re a one man show! Ask yourself- what is feeling good and what’s not? Where is there ease, where is there resistance? Are yout hitting goals and projections? Why or why not?

Monthly check ins can be as structured or as intuitive as you want and no matter how you go about it, checking in with your business and your relationship to it does a few things:

1. Keeps you focused and on track

2. Fuels inspiration, excitement and creativity

3. Saves time and energy because you are able to identify energy leaks early

And, call it woo-woo- but everything is energy. Show your business some love, attention and care and just watch what transpires as a result

7. Find ways to teach that feel good

The cool thing about having your own business, is you get to make the rules. You are in charge of the yes’s and no’s. The idea that certain nutrition principles or supplements might work for someone but not for others applies to how we manage our businesses too.

Find what puts you into a flow state. Discern between what feels good and easy and what doesn’t. And then build your business around what feels good. Do you love to write? Speak? Does creating videos feel aligned? Is comedy your thing? Are you into podcasting? Holding webinars?

There is no one type of content or modality that will push your business forward and get your message out there faster and wider, despite what other people are doing- and what works for them. Flow state doesn’t exist when we’re swimming upstream, trying to fit into a mold that does not align with our values, skill set and passions. It truly comes down what type of content you feel absolutely inspired to create.

8. Create Social Media Content that is Level Below from Your Knowledge Level

This is a huge one to avoid burnout and still pump out great, valuable content. When creating content and marketing materials, sticking to concepts and ideas that are deeply engrained and integrated within us and our practices keeps content creation more fluid. The content shared on social media should be entry level and far more basic than you would share in programs or sessions. We can for example look at marketing a course. When promoting a course, content creation is easy because its already done and you know it like the back of your hand. All content creation can feel like this. When we speak about the things we know inside and out, the time it takes to create posts, blogs and presentations is drastically reduced. As we, our practice and our knowledge base grows so will the depth of our content and the ease with which we can create it.

9. Know Your Why

A simple concept that is often talked about- yet not fully explored. Knowing why you are doing something not only helps keep you consistent and motivated but it influences the energetics of everything you put out there and helps connect your clients to you. We go over a deeper perspective on getting to your why in our free webinar: Three Elements to Grow Your Nutrition Business.

You can get instant access here!

PS- the world needs health professionals who are dedicated to helping people improve their health. Leveling up your business is for the greater good, and even taking the time to read this blog has propelled you in the right direction. Thanks for reading!

Make sure to watch: Three Elements to Grow Your Nutrition Business, link above!

Author: Lisa, CoFounder- Fiore Health

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