Fiore Fast Facts #1

We created Fiore Health to share our knowledge with other practitioners, to offer what we have learned throughout our years in practice and research to others in hopes of not only saving other practitioners time on research but to do our part of weaving a network of gold standard practitioners that the world is in need of at the moment!

Between the two of us, we see a wide variety of clients in our practice. We also teach and educate, are conference junkies and spend A LOT of time learning, through conducting or reading research. One of our favorite feelings is finding a piece of information that provides us with an aha moment - whether that's in relation to a client or just in general.

This is how out Today’s Facts were born!

If you follow us on instagram, you’ll see a new health or medical fact on our stories each day. Some of them are directly clinically applicable and some of them are more abstract - but all of them help to put together the puzzle that is human health.

We decided they deserved a more permanent place. So, we hope you’ll visit this section of our blog when you want a little inspiration, are feeling stuck, want to be in awe of the world of science, have a desire to expand your knowledge or the urge to go down a rabbit hole or in hopes of finding that connecting dot for a client protocol!

  1. The brain requires so much cholesterol to function that it contains 25% of total cholesterol

  2. Emulsifiers in food can emulsify the gut mucosa and cause dysbiosis

  3. High blood pressure can be a result of insulin resistance

  4. There’s 400x more melatonin in the GI tract than in the pineal gland

  5. Insulin is a fat storing hormone

  6. Ferritin is a better indicator of iron deficiency than hemoglobin

  7. Insulin sensitivity fluctuates throughout the female menstrual cycle

  8. Protein requirements increase during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle

  9. Poor blood sugar control is associated with lower antioxidant status

  10. Echinacea can reverse the aging of innate immunity

  11. Just 3 days of sleep deprivation can cause insulin resistance

  12. The gut contains the highest concentration of neuroendocrine hormones

  13. A healthy microbiome is innate antiviral

  14. Biotin can interfere with thyroid tests

  15. Sleeping just 80 minutes less than usual can lead to an increase in hunger and caloric intake, without affecting appetite hormones

  16. Arthritis can have a viral root cause

  17. Dysbiosis influences sleep due to bacterial consumption of tryptophan

  18. Inadequate vitamin D, EPA and DHA can result in dysfunctional activation of serotonin

  19. Mothers milk contains DHA, EPA and ALA

  20. Variants in the MTHFR gene are linked to depression

  21. Certain probiotic strains can be used for dental health by attacking bacteria and breaking up plaque

  22. A contributing factor to hypothyroidism is pituitary dysfunction which is a result of elevated cortisol

  23. The oral microbiome is the second largest microbiome in the body

  24. Pregnant women are naturally more insulin resistant as the developing fetus requires more glucose

  25. Infertile men have lower concentrations of DHA and EPA in their sperm

  26. In comparison to conventionally raised beef, grass-fed beef has more omega-3’s and CLA

  27. The body makes saturated and monounsaturated fats but not essential PUFAs

  28. Low fat diets are a risk factor for dental disease

  29. Breastfeeding not only aids in postpartum weight loss but it also helps protect the mother from developing breast cancer and osteoporosis later in life

  30. The skin microbiome affects one’s susceptibility to acne, dandruff, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, attractiveness to mosquitoes and more!

Which one of these health facts did you find the most interesting or surprising? Let us know in the comments section!

Until next time Sidney and Lisa- The Founders of Fiore

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