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Upgrade Your Offerings with Branded Templates

14 Client Handout Templates

March 31st - April 8th

So you're a nutritionist...

Now what? 

Being a good practitioner is a state of being - a blend of art and science. 


By understanding and honouring this, you can rapidly grow your business and impact more people, all while feeling inspired and excited to do what you love. 

But, you don't need to wait 5-10 years to feel confident about your practice. You can start right now!

The Confident Nutritionist course is a self-paced online course that teaches you : 

  • How to monetize your skills and passions as a nutritionist and / or wellness practitioner

  • How to structure your sessions and create effective protocols

  • How to connect with your clients

  • How to assess their readiness and desire to make change and coach clients for lasting results

  • How to make you a no-brainer referral for other practitioners, family members and friends

You will have instant access to 4 video modules, worksheets, brandable client handouts to customize to fit your brand and an invitation to join The Confident Nutritionist Community for 2 LIVE coaching calls with Lisa & Sidney, the founders of Fiore Health.

Registration is now open - but don't wait! This course is only available until April 8th 2022, and then doors shut until the fall. 


As allied healthcare practitioners, from nutritionists to chiropractors, we believe it's our responsibility to use our knowledge, influence and wisdom to inspire change in our clients and patients.


But, this takes work. Between running a practice and keeping track of the business side of things, it can feel as if there is little time for keeping up to date with research, creating client / patient handouts and putting the little extras into our work. 


That’s why Fiore Health exists  - to help you, help your clients.


Our mission is to save you time, by providing curated research, quality continuing education courses and ready to use handouts in easy to access formats . We equip practitioners with the necessary tools to have a thriving practice that truly makes a difference! 


Welcome to Fiore Health - Where Practitioners Come to Learn 



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